I always heard horrors  about babies and teething. Honestly I was petrified of that stage, so much so that I was ok with the fact that my then 8 month old had not gotten one tooth. Now thats not to say he wasnt drooling up a storm. 

When the time for teeth came (he was almost 9 months and of course it happened during a trip to Disney World) the signs were there. 

  1. Extreame drooling. I promise youll notice the difference. 
  2. Fussiness to go to sleep. 
  3. Fussiness while feeding. He is breastfed and would unlatch constantly and whine. 
  4. Desperately trying to scratch his gums. 

Now for us thankfully we skipped the fever symptom up until tooth number 7&8. Yes they both came together. As a matter of fact, his teeth #2,3&4 all came within a 5 day span. To say caffeine and patience were really needed is an understatement. 

Some things that helped us. 

  1. Oragel. Or any numbing cream. Now I personally am not a big fan of using this but some nights the poor guy just needed it. 
  2. Cold washcloth. By cold I mean, I wet it and put it in a ziplock in the freezer for 5 minutes. He had fun chewing on it for a while. 
  3. Teething rings. These with the ridges are good because if the tooth is at the surface it could help break the skin faster. 
  4. Bristle gum cleaner brush. He would just sit there and let me massage his gums with this. 

Now I know some of these things dont work for all, and there are many more ways to deal with teething babies. This is just what worked for us. 

Something you think I should add? Message me!


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